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Mom Shanti endured a pregnancy lasting almost 23 months.

Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri, is about 11 km (6.8 mi) east of the Apollo Bunder (Bunder in Marathi means a "pier for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and goods") on the Mumbai Harbour and 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Pir Pal in Trombay.Since no inscriptions on any of the island have been discovered, the ancient history of the island is conjectural, at best.Pandavas, the heroes of the Indian epic Mahabharata, and Banasura, the demon devotee of Shiva, are both credited with building temples or cut caves to live.Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri (literally "the city of caves") in Mumbai Harbour, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the east of the city of Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra.The island, located on an arm of the Arabian Sea, consists of two groups of caves—the first is a large group of five Hindu caves, the second, a smaller group of two Buddhist caves.

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One of the caves on the eastern hill is unfinished.

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