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Environmental dating services

Environ is proud of its wide range of fire and flammability offerings.We perform high temperature fire certifications for aircraft components (RTCA/DO160) at temperatures up to 2,000 F.Our computer controlled chambers can produce constant or cyclic temperatures ranging from -200 F to 2500 F.Multiple walk-in chambers as well as numerous smaller chambers allow for flexibility to meet any schedule.Other corrosive elements may be used for further corrosion testing.

We can customize testing using dust composition from Arizona road dust, volcanic ash, concrete dust, or subway dust to recreate just about any real world environment.

Top Almost every product is exposed to a variety of environmental contaminants during its lifetime.

Common contaminants of interest include cleaning agents, lubricants, insecticides, and fuels.

We also perform NEBS fire testing to GR63 CORE and brush fire testing to GR 487 CORE.

We offer numerous small scale flammability tests including UL94, FAA part 25, ASTM, and Coast Guard. Our Instron tensile testers can be used for determining traditional mechanical properties of materials including yield strength up to 20,000 pounds.

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Using our large walk-in chambers we can build up inches of ice on your product and verify operation.

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