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Don’t show an interest in matches that you aren’t really interested in. You’ll be able to communicate with them enthusiastically, rather than feeling obligated. It’s usually not personal (they won’t have known you long enough to know the ‘real’ you).The best thing to do is put it behind you and move on.Being a romantic, I’m highly optimistic about love, I believe that people can find love anywhere, at any time, and under any circumstance. My art training taught me a thing or two about Photoshop.Nowadays, everyone is so busy with work and life in general that it’s hard to find that special someone. I can plop any image into the software and make magic happen.Don’t waste time demanding explanations and try not to become bitter and cynical.Respond to everyone, even matches that you think are totally incompatible.Don’t feel pressured into giving out personal details like your surname, address or workplace until you’ve met someone in person and established a strong connection.And don’t ask other people for their personal details.

When it comes to online dating, oftentimes people exaggerate their lives for effect (just like Walter).For example, writing, “I love working out 6 days a week,” may be true, but "loving to work out" isn't the same as actually working out - especially if you haven’t seen the inside of a gym since 2012.The anonymity of a screen can sometimes make people treat online dating like a game.Let them volunteer the information when they feel safe and ready to do so.Although you want your profile to be as attractive and enticing as possible, don’t embellish the truth too much.

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