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Construction delay claims are among the most complicated claims and almost always require the services of an expert to both determine damages and to defend against them.Information presented in this article is categorized into the following specific sections. This is simply a matter of multiplying the number of compensable delay days by the daily allocable overhead rate.This paper is intended to be a fairly straight forward explanation of how to perform Eichleay formula calculations.It is not a definitive text on calculation of delay damages.There are normally many components to consider when calculating delay damages and the Eichleay formula deals with only one of these components.The Eichealy Formula is widely used as a method of calculating home office overhead damages in construction delay cases.If you are using complex formulas or large amounts of data then it will be sluggish in places but general use such as homework, data lists and financial spreadsheets it is perfectly usable.

Our sample calculation of home office overhead damages follows: 1.

The file was created in Libre Office but is now used on a smart phone so is in the latest Excel format (XLSX) which was loaded instantly with no loss of formatting or functionality.

To begin with I busily added in various things I would buy if a large cheque fell through my letter box.

I then increased the data to ten thousand rows and recreated the pivot table. Calc has a large work area of 1,048,576 rows by 1024 columns, though if you need anything near this size of a spreadsheet you better find yourself a desktop computer to use.

Libre Office Calc on the Raspberry Pi is responsive and comfortable to use, though sometimes windows and menus have a brief delay of about a second it's works well.

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It is a good choice for students, small businesses and occasional users as is should cover all their needs.

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