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If more than two responses are a good fit, or if no responses work, will randomize one.And the creators say this isn’t that unrealistic because, well, a person like this is usually half-listening to you anyway.They're the kind that don't seem offensive on the surface, so d.bot’s messages range from innocuous to extreme.The creators’ hope is that people can engage with long enough to bridge the gap between the two.Joanna Chin and Bryan Collinsworth, two design and technology MFA students at The New School, created for a javascript class.

The more your keywords match a response, the more likely that’s the response will use.

For men, it's a chance to see what it's like on the other side.

These conversations aren't new experiences, nor do they happen only in online spaces, but they have become more visible with the proliferation of dating apps and research studying online harassment.

Last year, a Redditer who joked about girls having it easy on dating sites decided to pose as one to see what it was like. With d.bot, anyone can simulate the experience the Redditer and many women actually have. Likewise, meeting someone at a bar doesn’t provide that much more insight into someone’s personality.

Their ethnicity and what they do for work are the foundations for the conversation.

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I found myself yelling at my screen, enraged and laughing at how ridiculous and I spoke to a 23-year-old marketing manager in San Francisco who responded to like she normally would.