Fish dating social networks

Posted by / 20-Apr-2016 01:03

It has become such a hot topic because so many of us are falling victim to scams, we need to raise awareness and learn how to protect ourselves.Police estimate that Aussies send around million to internet scammers every month!

They often use false photographs stolen from other peoples’ social media sites and they present too-good-to-be-true stories about their lives and achievements. It’s important to the note that Catfish prey on all types of people.We all know that ‘real people’ have flaws and tend to say a combination of positive, negative and neutral things so look out for this 5.Too serious, too soon Real intimacy takes time to build, it is based on trust and deep rapport.The fox he thought he was talking to turned out to be a pervy guy from San Diego!” or “I was really falling for that gorgeous gal on Facebook, but she turned out to be a catfish.” You may have noticed the Australian media has recently held a spotlight on the issue of internet fraud, specifically, internet dating fraud.

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Do they seem way too perfect to be a normal person?