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Flash Builder 4 was installed using the stand-alone installer.

For more information on the installation of either product, please see the documentation.

We will now look at creating a master-detail form for editing contacts listed in the Data Grid created in the previous section.

We will also add a button to our application which allows us to save the updated data via a service call. This operation is slightly more complicated because it requires removing the data from the Flex Data Grid component.

In order to pass strongly typed data from Cold Fusion to Flex, developers previously had create value object components in Cold Fusion which were then mapped to corresponding Action Script classes in Flex.

In Macromedia’s words, “Flash Remoting MX is an application server gateway that provides a network communications channel between Flash applications and remote services.” There is a distinction between the server (the gateway) and the client (the Flash components), but we’ll generalize it as simply “Flash Remoting”.Finally, while not required to complete the tutorial, you may also want to download the latest Cold Fusion Builder Beta from Adobe labs for editing the Cold Fusion files created in this tutorial.To begin we will create an Embedded Derby Cold Fusion data source to hold our sample contact data.In this section of the tutorial we will explore this new feature.Flash Builder 4 also allows you to easily create data entry forms based on custom data types.

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One challenge that Cold Fusion developers often face when beginning Flex development is the transition from the weakly typed CFML language to the strongly typed Action Script language.