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in a big city, strange people are gifted the power of anonymity. And that makes for a very interesting dating topography. I’m not here to sound like a raging (fill in the blank) who isn’t grateful for attention. Jacquie Walters (CLAS ’11) is a writer/actor/comedian in Los Angeles. ), I politely said, “I have a boyfriend.” Here’s the truth: It’s flattering that these guys felt compelled to say hello.I found sites fit broadly into four categories: Standard, Specific (sometimes laughably so), weird and plain wrong.Standard Probably the most popular choices for tech-dating newbies, these include sites like Match, E-harmony, Plenty Of Fish, Tinder and Guardian Soulmates. And, sure, if one of those men had been insanely handsome/charming, this article would have a whole different tune. He had just finished telling me how excited he was to go out on a date with this other girl. The one where I go to a sweet but uneventful Saturday night dinner, or the one where I take a nap on the date? I’ve had men approach me in all types of environments. But here’s how that went: I was at said crush’s house. I guess I’m just saying, “Hey, Universe, if the next rando dude could be my amazing future husband – or even a non-creepy, somewhat emotionally adjusted MAN, that’d be pretty sweet.” That said, there have been plenty of times I’ve said yes. But let’s be real – which story do you want to hear? Her work has been featured on Buzz Feed, Huffington Post Comedy, and College Humor.For those with specific tastes in the bedroom rather than the kitchen describes itself as a site for “beginners to the S & M and BDSM devotee”.

You can find your first mate with, which claims to be only place for Sea Captains to connect with men and women who share a love of the ocean.

Specific For those with a more definite idea of what they are searching for in a partner, these sites promise to sort the wheat from the chaff.

is “Ireland’s number one dating site for single moms and dads” whilst uk offers a forum for “older people who want to meet new friends and companions”.

“On Twitter, actually” she says, clearly surprising even herself with her answer “which in a way is better.

People only reveal a very specific corner of their personality on dating sites, but on social networks you get to see what they think and feel about a whole range of topics, as well as what their sense of humour is like”.

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When a terrifying Russell Brand-lookalike approached me in Bed Bath & Beyond and suggested I follow him to his house party (?!