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Foto hubungan sex amerika situs resmi naughty

Judge Wright ruled that if Clinton had asked Paula Jones to give him oral sex, his behaviour, although boorish and offensive, was not sufficient to answer a charge of sexual harassment.But although the court case has been thrown out, independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr continues his investigation, and the women who have stories to tell queue up to fill the pages of the US press. And his very popularity raises a dilemma with many women.I think women are finding this appealing." Five years ago, with political correctness in full swing, we would have condemned Bill Clinton as a common criminal.Maybe nowadays we are a little easier in our feminism, and more able to be tolerant towards a man who would once have been described as having "wandering hands".

I wouldn't want to judge Clinton, I think so much depends on the characters and the situations involved." And Jenny Pearson (20), also a student, felt that too much importance had been placed on the whole affair.

I even found there was a kind of thrill involved in fending off a man, like a non-violent form of bull-fighting.

You knew the man was physically stronger than you were - but the game was to get out of the situation by dint your wits.

I don't think it is right that someone in his position should get off." Rachel Corson (31), the owner of a health food shop, is blunt in her condemnation.

"The President doesn't do anything for me quite honestly, but there's a whole issue here of sex and power, and how that power can be abused.

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Or has the whole affair exposed a puzzling ambivalence in women's attitudes towards an attractive but sexually predatory man?

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