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Anyway she ends up killing him (he won't marry her when she proposes) with cyanide, and keeps his dead body in her room, where she sleeps with it. she only married him for the money and he only married her to have a wife..

id=935 Yes, Frank IS a homosexual and I think Gerard is bi or gay as well. just because they are "celebreties" doesnt mean that everyone can just assume who they are just because of the lyrics or the way they dress or in gerard's case how they do their makeup. give those guys a break because none of you know them and im not saying that i do either.Although, i would like to point out as many other people have: Gerard is married to Lindsey from Mindless Self Indulgence, and has a baby daughter.actually, if you read a rose for emily, you find she poisoned him with arsenic. I believe she killed him because he wouldn't marry her. It sounds very similar to their other song "The Sharpest Lives," at least, in my opinion. I'm probably like, 4 years younger than all of you, except the squealing fangirls who are probaly like... (I'm really pissed off at everyone right now, so shut up.My Chemical Romance did a good verson of the story. Oh, and for you people who don't know how to spell or capitalize properly, you are all idiots. I don't need your crap too.)well gerard is gay..possibly bi cause in one of their preformances he stuck his tounge in one of the band memebers mouth ((not sure who tho)) so when it said "He's not around; he's always looking at men" i thought he was talking about himself..To be honest I don't care that much about what the lyrics mean because they r awesome lyrics. i think that geradr way and frank iero are dating but thats my opinion gerard saud he only kisses frank on stage to get the homophobs mad but i think hes lying and gerard did say he lies alot and yes gerard also use to date bert because on Q&A they were talking about their first date and gerard is indeed either bi or gay.Gerard never talks about OLIVIA CAUSE SHE IS NOT REAL!!!!! And lets not forget about the other guys, they do make the band the band you know. im bi and wouldnt openly say that if i was nationally recognized and on mtv in a big band but i would support gay rights and kiss guys on stage to cause controversy. Like in "You Know What They do to Guys Like Us in Prison", he sings "How we're just two men as God had made us, Well, I can't...well, I can!GERARD HAD 1 GF, amy lee from evanescence AND HE HAD TO BF;s ADAM and NOW BERT Mc CRAKEN! Too much, too late, or just not enough of this Pain in my heart for your dying wish, I'll kiss your lips again."He sings "How we're just two MEN as god had made us" then he sings "I'll kiss your lips AGAIN".

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THis is all true I absolutely LOVE My Chemical Romance! That made me think that "Guys like us" might be reffering to gays or bisexuals.also, in To the End (this song) he sings "Hes always looking at men"why would HE be looking at MEN if he wasn't gay?