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Free adult chatrooms like bianca

He can't point to a time when he realized he was gay -- just that he always knew he was "different, and I was cool with it." He never planned to become a drag queen, and is even leery of its trappings.

He doesn't plan 90 percent of what comes out of his or Bianca's mouth.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen, that's our show," she says, swaying about in a tight left-and-right rhythm.

OK, well, I'd like to welcome everyone this evening to the W Hotel's drag brunch. In one of several off-the-cuff diatribes, Bianca segues from the financial woes of Lucky Cheng's to Flowers' emergence to Monica Lewinsky in the span of about 15 seconds: "And now I hear about Monica Lewinsky, who is now making purses. That she has a line now where she's designing purses? By the end of the brunch, she has gone through three costume changes, and she and her cohorts have done two numbers apiece.

One part Carol Burnett, one part Bob Mackie ("my idol!

Mushrooms, zucchini, artichoke hearts, three cheese blend and ranch dressing.Marinated baked chicken strips, crispy bacon and a three cheese blend.Served on our premium pizza dough and topped with lettuce tomatoes, red onions, mayonnaise with your choice of french fries or a side salad.("People who say, 'I'm going to do this in X years and be here in X years just set themselves up.") He is an utter original, completely self-possessed -- free of contrivance, pretense and compromise. Monday Monday nights at Oz become Bianca Del Rio's highwire act, a night where she's almost strictly on her own.Even his relationship with Bianca Del Rio is devoid of any of the identity crises sometimes associated with men in drag. She refers to it as the night of the "crackheads," because "no one with a real job would be here at on a Monday night." Her 5-foot-9, 140-pound frame with its 28-inch waist wraps snugly in her fitted and fluted floor-length dress with black and pink horizontal stripes.

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We'll be back next month, and hopefully we'll have a better DJ and I'll have a Vicodin. Byyyyyye." After the show, I come up to congratulate her. Either way, it shows the kind of profound impact he and his drag alter-ego, Bianca Del Rio, have had on New Orleans' entertainment scene.