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Free aim sex chat bots

NOTE: There is a known problem with Howie running under Windows 95, having to do with Python's os.popen() function not working on that platform. (You can access this file through the "Howie-Configure Howie" shortcut in your Start Menu). INSTALLATION (Windows binary distribution) ------------------------------------------ 1. This file lets you set up the interfaces presented to visitors (AIM, MSN, etc.) as well as customize Howie's behavior. If you find something that he can't do, it's usually pretty straightforward to teach him!SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ------------------- Howie has been tested on Windows XP, Red Hat Linux and Net BSD. Howie's AIM and ICQ front-ends are provided by Twisted (

This launches Howie and makes him available to the world at large!

He can also help find rhymes for a word, or tell you what an acronym means.

He will someday provide definitions or synonyms for any word in the dictionary, query your address book, and even perform a few simple remote system-administration tasks! You can communicate with Howie in a number of different ways: AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN Messenger, Jabber Chat, XML-RPC, or locally on the command-line.

Howie - A Conversational AI Bot ( Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Cort Stratton (cort ATcortstratton DOTorg) ABOUT HOWIE ----------- Howie is a conversational AI -- a computer program you can talk to. Howie is able to answer most questions of the form "Who/what/where/when is/was/are/were X?

He is designed to be simple to install, configure and (above all) extend. Currently, Howie is willing to discuss religion, sports, sex (reluctantly), and philosophy. " -- though his answers are occasionally more entertaining than accurate.

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