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What Do We Know About Sex Offenders, Sex Management and the Value of Collaboration in Preventing Additional Victimization?

, International Association of Forensic Nurses and Center for Sex Offender Management.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, 70 Arizona children died because of maltreatment in 2010 – over half of them were under one year old.

As a leader in the community, Phoenix Children's Hospital brings the latest research and cutting edge prevention programs to Phoenix and reaches out to the entire state of Arizona.

The report is nationally and internationally recognized as providing concise and accurate summary of over 100 studies that support the conclusion that physical punishment of children is an ineffective parenting practice.

Phoenix Children's is working to publicize this important information as well as provide education on more effective alternatives to its use.

But sometimes we don’t plan ahead or think it through.

Sometimes we are in a rush and trust someone we should not.

Download and review these resources to help build awareness and for simple warning signs and tips before deciding on a caregiver for your child. Onlookers may want to intervene, but aren't always sure how to do so safely and effectively.

Throughout the month of April, the Hospital hosts a series of events including the annual Children's March on Child Abuse.

Children's March on Child Abuse Parent-Provider Partnership in Child Care (PCAN) Research has shown early childhood programs can serve as an effective "early warning system" to detect risky situations that could lead to infant or child abuse.

Learn more about our programs below: Reaching 20,000 parents each year, the Shaken Baby Prevention Project provides new and expectant parents, the general public and healthcare providers with information about the dangers of shaking babies, including tips for calming a crying baby (most shaking incidents are precipitated by inconsolable crying) and ways to cope with parental stress.

Information is distributed to parents through birthing hospitals, community physicians, childbirth educators, and community organizations serving children and families.

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To keep children safe, we have to fix the problem instead of only treating the symptom.