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Posted by / 17-Feb-2016 20:03

Free open nude cam

It is definitely a better way of seeing the screen of your phone than having the boring image wallpaper displayed on it.

However, do remember that the live wallpapers usually tend to draw a lot of battery power.

So, make sure that you use this naked camera prank app in moderation.

Otherwise, your phone's battery will drain out quite quickly and before you know it, you will have to recharge your phone again.

Seeing live images captured by the camera while you are using your phone!

You will only see a picture of a man or woman in order of your movement. It is a prank app using acceleration sensor on your android phone,...

How to use the nude scanner: Tell your fiend to lie on ground an move your smartphone above them.

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Please note before you rate this app, that it is a prank app, just a fake.

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