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Full credit goes to the original scanner/capper for anything I post.after reading simon sheridans excellent book "keeping the british end up " i developed a fascination for these 70s sex comedies and tracked a lot of them down .While living in Europe she continued to model and acted in several movies.Charlotte eventually moved back to America and settled in New York City.Charlotte has also become a contractor in California and started an acid staining company called Fauxcrete by Char, which specializes in beautiful acid staining of concrete.

Charlotte was the Playmate of the Month in the December, 1982 issue of "Playboy." Following her Playmate stint Kemp moved to Europe where she lived in Monte Carlo, London and Sweden. Stack the circles on top of one anther beginning with the largest and ending with the smallest. Take your needle and thread through the center of your circle stack a few times. If you try it out, post it on your blog and send me the link. 70Camero, aeaurora, Alienbab, auhunter, auto2886, barnmania, Bertholt, bones30, boot367, boz2boz4, browser1, cdfghia, chagall, chateau, chem_man, chnit, chowmein88, christian, Citation, coilwinder89, Comet01, Her mini biogrpahy from imdb. Gorgeous, buxom and voluptuous brunette knockout Charlotte Kemp was born on January 21, 1961 in Omaha, Nebraska.Kemp has acted in a few more films: She had her only lead as perky men's magazine model and aspiring actress Laura Shea in the enjoyably trashy straight-to-video slasher thriller opus "Posed for Murder," portrayed a prostitute in the hilariously outrageous horror comedy "Frankenhooker," popped up in a small part in "Repossessed," and had a co-starring role as Gayle in the goofy golf comedy romp "Fairway to Heaven." Kemp holds the distinction of being the first and only Miss Budweiser girl.In 1990 Charlotte moved to Los Angeles, California and founded the company International Sponsors Limited. Moreover, Kemp owns and serves as president of CHK Productions, Inc.

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