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Posted by / 03-Sep-2014 13:47

Teenager girls are under more sexual pressure than ever before.

Teens flirt online, often with people they have not met.

“If there’s a guy you’re interested in from another school or something, you might ‘like’ one of his photos on Facebook and get talking to him,” says 16-year-old Rebecca*.

“I know lots of people who’ve hooked up that way.” They create online games such as ‘sneaky hat’, in which naked teenagers cover themselves with a hat and post the photograph as the profile picture on Facebook.

Online flirting often becomes more daring, with one party – usually the boy – asking the other to send sexy pictures.

“When you’re in year seven or year eight, it’s pretty big,” says Rebecca.

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It’s human nature to judge adolescents by our experience. But for once, we are right – it really wasn’t like that in our day.