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I quite liked the story itself and I like the jab at simulation games.

It messes with your view of the story and makes you wonder what really happened.

He includes 'It gets better' in a sarcastic way as if to mock it from the viewer point of view (which I have no problems with) and then does says he like the project.

I don't know if the viewer is supposed to be someone he really wants to know about him, or representing a slightly jerkish person you might meet say in a cafe.

Read More due to some profanity, physical abuse by a parent, vague descriptions of sexual subject matter, but, most importantly, homophobia and violence against gay people in a way that could upset and trigger anyone who has personal experience with it. I mostly played it safe with my options, so I'm terrified to see what the others "endings" are. This game hit really close to home, as I am in a similar situation to the protagonist. I know this game will probably never be as popular as Loved, due to the fact that there will be less people truly affected by it, but it really is something special.

This is a very accurate, very beautiful, and very important game. I too played it safe with the options, and I don't think I want to play this again trying other options.

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The slightly positive things are buried within the negative choices.

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