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Adam Copeland hosts a special episode that briefly explores the history of the area and of the Old Crescent Mine.

It then reviews the events of the previous season, offering new unseen footage from the first season.

When she and Patrick investigate the dredge, they record what they believe to be a full-bodied apparition of a miner named "Joe."While working 16-hour days in the mine, two miners claim to have experienced something that frightens them and seems to be paranormal.

After hearing their story, Patrick and Kristen encounter what they term a "phantom wind" that they believe lends proof to the miners' claim.

Paranormal investigators Patrick and Kristen go into the mine first and investigate using equipment they believe can detect supernatural activity. Mines are some of the most haunted places in the world.

Then it's Mine Foreman Stan's hard rock miner crew's turn to work the mine while the investigators monitor them on their DVR system in an attempt to see if they experience anything supernatural. I don't know what it really is, but it's scares the hell out of me!

However, they are cautioned by Patrick and Kristen, who both believe an evil presence is lurking inside the old tunnel.

As well as offering their own perspective on the mine and their reasons for returning, the miners then answer fan questions put to them.On April 10, 2013, Syfy renewed the series for a 12-episode second season which premiered September 4, 2013.The series proposes that certain mines are haunted by ghosts of miners from Gold Rush days, or by spirits that superstitious miners call "Tommy-Knockers". The old miners that have died in there, they don't want you in their mine.They say "a mysterious presence" has sent "a threatening message" by disrupting the mine.During a campfire, Dingus' 9-year-old daughter goes missing after reporting a shadowy figure peeking through the trees.

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As Copeland continues to discuss mining and the mine with the miners and Patrick and Kristen, footage is shown at random points, including footage showing the new Ripa 3 investigative robot that is used during the second season.

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