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Or you know, to continue the metaphor, should you ever drop her! It certainly gets the job done but it’s far from graceful and it leaves you very confused with a little lingering whiplash of your own. At the moment, she doesn’t have those tools and she probably doesn’t know what’s happening to her.

The reason she's so bitchy about pulling away is because she doesn’t yet understand this need or her alarm system. On a surface level it appears you’ve suddenly gotten more annoying. So it’s your job to have her read this blog post and initiate the conversation of finding a good way for her to set her boundary that works for both of you.

But this doesn’t mean men exclusively love being alone and women exclusively love being in relationships.

Sometimes, women feel the urge to pull away from a relationship when the intimacy gets too intense too quickly or the couple spends “too much” time together.

With him taking care of her, she forgets to exercise the muscles she needs to take care of herself.At this point, the man has no room to make mistakes or pull away because her sense of worth and happiness is tied up into how well he loves her. At the times she gets a little too comfortable with you holding up her weight and her “self-love” muscles start to weaken, a little alarm goes off in her subconscious.Let’s be honest, no matter how perfect you are, you are going to eventually make a mistake, have a bad day, say the wrong thing or pull away for your own cave time. Uh-oh…the beginning of dependency is rearing its ugly head…BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Masturbation, DPs, Toys, Sound, Moaning, Naughty sex chat, Teasing, Pleasing, Cumming, Eye contact, Close ups, sexy back ground music I can dance to, Custom shows, Requests, Sexy outfits, costumes ,squirting shows, anal, oil show, lotion show , rolep... I am a gorgeous, vivacious ,with a killer smile and an insatiable need to satisfy your naughty wishes! Now its time for you to learn that pleasing ME is you...

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Usually when we speak of “the cave,” the man is the one pulling away to regain his sense of self and independence.

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