Going through a dating dry spell

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Going through a dating dry spell

like you are an accountant or something trying to figure out why your company isn’t turning a profit.Weigh all the factors such as: – Are you getting out of the house enough to places where you can meet women?Once you have found a possible root cause for your dryspell, the next step is taking action to obliterate that root cause.Now the obliteration process is different depending on what the problem is, and since we can’t cover all of them here, let’s say your problem is that that you aren’t getting out of the house enough.I’ve also had the chance to work with clients who have never been with a woman in their entire lives. So, I think it’s important to realize the fact that this is something that happens to literally EVERYBODY to some degree, at some point in their lives.I know when you are going through a dryspell it seems like you are all alone and everybody else is out there just bangin’ tons of hot chicks, but that’s just not the case. Now that we’ve established the fact that dryspells suck and everyone suffers to some extent, on to the important part: How do you break your dryspell?– Are you able to keep her interested long enough to start forming a bond? Yeah, there are a lot of factors and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but if you can get yourself to look at this scientifically and evaluate these individual components, that’s what’s going to show you where you are missing the boat.For a breakdown of everything you need to do to attract women and get them in bed you can refer to my Online Dating Playbook.

So do just that and figure out how to be the best version of yourself. Did you two have a massive argument that started it? Even if you're suffering from a dry spell, you may still find intimacy in cuddling your SO, kissing them, or speaking each other's love language.Intimacy can be found in so many ways and a dry spell forces you to search.Here are the two steps: I know that this problem seems as simple as the fact that you aren’t getting laid, but really, this is just a symptom. But, in the long run it’s one of the best thing you can do for yourself.This symptom is created by a root cause or multiple root causes which are the real obstacles getting in the way of you hooking up with the ladies. It can be helpful, in figuring out the root cause of your dryspell, to bust out with a pencil and a notepad and start looking at your situation systematically …

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