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For example: In general, sitelinks are a positive for both established brands and searchers.

It’s easier for consumers to find what they might be looking for, and it’s easier for a brand to serve up these pages without a need for navigation.

Remember, though: this strategy only works if you’re comfortable with that page completely removed from Google’s index.

If that’s not a solution you want here, you’re going to have to wait on the Sitelinks Demotion tool to take effect.

Only site owners and users with full permissions can demote sitelinks.a page that you do not want so prominent.

The Webmaster Tools Sitelinks option has a lot of appeal, largely because of it’s speed and (relative) ease of use.Assuming you are demoting a sitelink for a search result that leads to your homepage, you can .This post sums up the distinction between text fields nicely. For algorithmic reasons that our puny human minds may not comprehend, Google has decided the sitelink in questions is, in fact, what your visitors are looking for.If after, checking again, you’re very confident that you’re looking at a sitelink for your homepage, and that you demoted the correct URL (I’m confident along with you; you got this), there’s really only one remaining solution. There’s a really good Google discussion on this exact circumstance that eventually pulls de facto Google Web Tools spokesman, John Mueller, into the fray.The most informational quote from Mueller comes here, following a question about an Accounting firm with a sitelink promoting a one-time “free twinkies” giveaway they held: It’s not guaranteed that you’d be able to remove it as a Sitelink, but it does demote it (so if we have better ones to show, it’s possible that we won’t show the Twinkies one).

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There are some myths among users that these site link depend upon the traffic of particular link.

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