Groundwater dating and residence time measurements calvin and steph from hollyoaks dating

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Groundwater dating and residence time measurements

Recent observations of soil temperature/moisture have shown abrupt increase in active layer depth after 2006 (Ohta (2013) investigated permafrost degradation and changes in water balance of a thermokarst lake in the Tyungyulyu Terrace, which is located northeast of the Bestyakh Terrace.They analyzed the role of permafrost thawing in the water balance of a growing thermokarst lake, and showed melting of ground ice has significantly contributed to lake growth (30–35% to the lake water increase).The sites are located (130–160 m a.s.l.) within the Bestyakh Terrace of the Lena River with elevations ranging from 80–100 to 250–300 m a.s.l.Hydro-geologically the spring sites are located within the first-order Yakutian artesian basin, and the groundwater is recharged by an area approximately 400 square kilometers in size.Supra-permafrost taliks (unfrozen zones), several tens of meters in thickness with soil temperatures above 0 ° C, are detected at the boundary of the Bestyakh Terrace and the Tyungyulyu Terrace.

Any further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the title of the work, journal citation and DOI.The area lies in the zone of continuous permafrost.The thickness of permafrost in the Bestyakh Terrace ranges from 200 to 420 m. active layer thickness, varies over a wide range from 0.5–0.6 to 3.0–4.0 m, depending on surface energy balance, soil moisture content, and soil structure of the layer.Tritium analyses showed that the concentration ranges from 1.0 to 16.8 TU, and the apparent age of groundwater ranged from around 1 to 55 years.One of the spring waters appeared to contain more than 90% water recharged by precipitation before the 1960s nuclear testing era, and the water could be partly sourced from thawing permafrost.

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Intra-permafrost groundwater with 0 ° C temperature is found in the Bestyakh Terrace (Gagarin Buluus spring is located 110 km southwest from Yakutsk (figure 1).

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