Guy dating older women

Posted by / 29-May-2015 05:32

She may have been in a marriage where sex was withheld.She won't use sex as a bargaining chip or try to get something materialistic from the younger man.She won't play mind games with her younger man by not answering her phone.

They don't have any delusions that they are going to hook this man into marriage and/or start a family.

It's a challenge to be with an attractive, sexy older lady who is physically fit and keeps herself well groomed. The man senses this knowledge and power, which is very stimulating.

She has the time to take care of herself since her children are older and less dependent.8. The older woman will buy books, lingerie, sex toys, candles and wine to set the mood.9.

Cougars know the psychological and physical benefits to regular sex.7.

It's flattering to the younger man that a hot older woman finds him desirable.

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