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Hard xxxcn

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There is a number of ticks per row, often just referred to as the speed. There's also ~ for a binary NOT, but ~= probably isn't valid C. ) value, reset that channel's funkrepeat position to 0, and start modifying the new sample (? (please clarify: does the funkrepeat sample position retrigger on sample, note, either, or both?

There is a number of "beats per minute"; however, this is a CIA clock speed (it's an Amiga thing). To convert to actual BPM, multiply by 4 and divide by 10. Fast Tracker, Scream Tracker 3, Impulse Tracker), this quirk does not occur, and the starting offset is always 0. ) (please clarify: there's probably a lot of mistakes in this.) Set TPR or BPM. 2500 bytes of padding should be fine if you're operating within Amiga limits; otherwise, you'll want at least ((base clock * 10) / (smallest period value * 4 * 32)) bytes.

Originally a 15-sample format, it was first used in Ultimate Sound Tracker for the Amiga. (please clarify: is there anything which escapes this check? (please clarify: when you hit a lone sample which isn't the current one, does it affect that latched sample or the playing sample? The bigger this list, the more pressure MOD player authors will get until they finally implement this under-implemented effect. In most cases, a MOD which uses EFx needs it (for epicness purposes mostly). This tells you how much to increment the internal counter by, and is in the Pro Tracker v1.2 source code.

Since then, it has been used in Noise Tracker and Pro Tracker, which both use the 31-sample "M. If x is 0, then reset that channel's funkrepeat counter and funkrepeat position to 0.

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Arpeggio between 0,x,y semitones up, changing every tick, and retriggering every row. Each waveform other than the last has a full cycle of 64 steps, and the amplitude is somewhere between -y and y after calculating. For a waveform with peak amplitude of 64, for example, we would add (y*waveform[pos]/64).