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Hendi cxx fullcxxx

Another option is to pass not a number but and that would mean dividing the sources into X unity sources.

UNITY_EXCLUDED - list of files from the target that should be excluded from unify-ing (will be used normally by themselves - can be used to fix compilation errors).

throw(Argument Error("index is out of bounds")) : nothing @cxx at_(cppvec, index) # out of bounds check (will lead to crash if out of bounds) end function set!The macro will self-diagnose the target and if it has more than 1 source file and has not been registered with the UNITY flag a developer warning will be printed that the target may benefit from a unity build.CPP_PER_UNITY - to explicitly say how many source files should go into a unity source (default is 100).Unity examples - given 100 files in the target: How a unity target looks in the IDE: A unity build of a project is when all it's sources are included in a master unity source file which is then compiled.The point is to have faster compilation for full builds - up to 90% faster (less compiler invocations and less compiling of the same code from headers) and more optimizations (between the included sources which become one translation unit).

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A simple step in this direction is adding the following to Cxx: Yes, I'm not opposed to thinks like this. Personally, I think it would help if there would be a way to collaborate on this project. I understand what you mean by generating "friction-free" C wrappers, but I guess when you are dealing with a "very" new package and simply need to get something to "work" for another package (which is the main goal at least for me), even "simple" wrappers will do.

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