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Baidu’s Douyu TV is marketed as a game live streaming site akin to But unlike Twitch, the site has a surprising number of videos that have little to do with video games.Guo Mini, a Douyu webcam model, made Internet news on February 25 for live streaming a strip show to her channel.Although she and her agency said the video was obtained by someone who hacked into her webcam, the performance is changing opinions about the innocence of this fledgling industry.Huang Yan, an author on, said the popularity of webcam shows reflects the country’s greater lack of quality entertainment.Many are calling on the streaming site operators to be more judicious in their supervision of content.“In 2016, the total number of cam show viewers may reach 100 million,” Wang said.

Unlike the seedy world of sexually explicit webcams found in the US and Europe, Chinese cam sites follow a model that began with Afreeca TV in South Korea.

A number of companies offer training for new models pursuing a career as an online hostess.

“They help arrange music and dance classes for girls who pass the interviews,” Zhao, director of Junhe Brand Management, told

To counter these reports, many streaming site operators have assembled teams of content monitors who review accounts that contain flagged keywords or a suspicious number of followers.

Streams that grow too quickly are suspected of sharing pornographic content and flagged for ongoing monitoring. “How can a team made up of several people monitor thousands of live channels? Ma said the live nature of the content makes it extremely difficult for website operators to manage.

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“The rest are just people who want to hit on a young and beautiful model.” Ding’s salary comes primarily from virtual gifts purchased on the streaming platform. The platform and agency each take a cut of the sale before passing the remainder to Ding.

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