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How intimidating is warped tour

Unlike the big-name festivals, there isn’t a focus on dressing up trendy.

Veteran Warped-goers know the ins and outs and have perfected their schedules for the day. Oh, and make sure to check out these 13 must-see artists while you're there.Warped Tour has special flags for important tents, like water stations or first aid.Make sure you locate the first aid tent right when you walk inside, just in case you or someone in your group needs to get there in short notice.If you’re getting dropped off by a parent or friend, make sure you check out your venue’s website and learn where the drop-off section is located.If your closest Warped date is still a kinda lengthy drive (think 2-3 hours or more), you'll want to make sure you get extra sleep the night before so you can leave early enough to get there before doors open and still have plenty of energy!

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