How to beat dating games

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Animals in the wild meet up, pair up, mate up, and raise offspring.People act coy, throw out lines, hide things, tell lies, skulk around, and try at every single moment to stay totally in control of what's going on in any relationship.It is thought that 6.2% of the population has some type of narcissistic disorder. Does every decision he makes seem to revolve around him or someone he is protecting (his kids)? Does the only way to "get through" to him need to be accompanied with a compliment? Do you find your needs or thoughts are less relevant or not even considered? The narcissist deserves to be placed front and center in my "wet kitten" category.It is not usually diagnosed until adulthood due to the nature a child’s mind, which is constantly changing. Research defines two types: The "grandiose" and the "vulnerable" type. If you can answer yes to a three or more of these questions, you may be getting emotionally violated by a narcissist. The five questions above need to be used to vet a guy before you start shopping for the new silverware set.Compliment them and swim with the current, rather than against it.But Greg, isn’t this adding to his narcissistic behavior?

Everyone seems either to be a narcissist or to know someone who is.A narcissistic person can come directly from being raised by a narcissistic parent. Another cause could be a crippling event during childhood that was emotionally or spiritually crushing. He can be fixed, just like any other man, or so you think. You might as well be dating a raging alcoholic whom you just pulled out from inside a cardboard box! Of course, for many of you it’s not that easy to run, and you need to hold your ground and try to deal with a narcissist. Teach yourself what they are, and see how deep they go and then stop.Too much pampering or too much criticism can trigger this behavior. You could be dealing with your boss, an in-law, or your very own parent. But you need to remember this is a tough nut to crack. If you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem you will get steam-rolled by the narcissist. If you read my best sellers, you know that your own self-worth comes long before you ever get into a relationship with any man! As much as you think he can continue or change, he can’t, so don’t get caught up in his web.I hate to give them this credit, but many can be very intuitive and perfectionists who are capable of accomplishing great things. If a narcissist is controlling the date night or the work meeting unchallenged, things can be hunky dory!Narcissists are more often male, and they usually develop the behavior in their early years.

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