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Human trafficing in phillippines dating sites

RELATED | Human trafficking suspect holds 8 women captive in million-dollar home With the assistance of the FBI, police arrested 33-year-old Roberts and charged him with false imprisonment and trafficking of persons for labor."We believe that he'd been making promises to some of these ladies for modeling careers, financial assistance," Sandy Springs Police Sgt. PHOTOS | Human trafficking suspect arrested for holding women hostage Seeking has “Sugar Baby Perks” and “Sugar Daddy Perks” displayed on their front page, but attorney Jess Johnson said it’ll be hard to prove that the website was at fault or even had knowledge of any alleged trafficking.

Worldwide, false promises are ways in which traffickers bait and enslave their victims – both adults and minors.

As a result, when sex trafficking victims are caught, they might be detained and prosecuted for criminal activity (e.g., prostitution).

However, a legal charge is only one area of concern.

For children (anyone under 18 years old), consent is irrelevant, and the element of means (e.g., force) is not necessary (22 USC §7102).

The United States is a source, transit and destination country for sex trafficking victims.

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As always, we intend to cooperate fully with the authorities on any investigation.” Johnson also said the charges against Roberts may have a hard time holding up for prosecutors.

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