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Tilt the screen up from between your legs until your boobs and face are both visible. Tell your partner what you’re thinking about when you’re touching yourself.

Given how regularly I’ve been cockblocked by distance and the time-space continuum, I’ve had to get a little creative.The best part is, discussing fantasies almost ALWAYS leads to better sex in person.Even if you never mention threesomes again (although good luck -- give most straight dudes an inch on threesomes and they’ll take a mile, I’ve noticed), you both know you’ve thought about it, and it’s a turn-on that you could both be thinking about it RIGHT NOW.(“MILLENNIALS HOOK UP ON INTERNET, FEEL IN EMOJI.” I’d read it.) I’ve also stripped down on Face Time, GChat, SET THE MOODAs with regular sex, there is a time and a place for spontaneous Skype sex.When the mood strikes you, give no damns at ALL about hairy legs, or the fact that your bedroom looks like a social club for stained shirts and empty water bottles. But, if you’ve had a long day, the kind of day where you’d ask your partner to rub your back before engaging in a nice, lazy tryst during which you barely do For me, this means cleaning off my bed, shaving my legs, and lighting enough candles to make my room suitable for a coven gathering.

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I will say that I’ve only ever done this with people I’ve dated and trusted, but you all know that the Internet is terrifying and that people are surprisingly scummy.

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