Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating in real life

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She doesn’t mind the long distance dating since she doesn’t like to keep tabs on her significant other’s life anyways.

When asked about marriage prospects, Ariel demurred but conceded that her life, career and family, is based in Taiwan.

Please stop hurting the person I cherised, did none of you ever love so deeply before?

The c-version of type of show, with the pairings to be switched up as the show progresses.Not sure if her plans remain the same now that she’s single again.Ariel acting is a gift for me and all her fans, but I personally support her decision to retire from the small screen if that makes her happy, or to continue acting and share her talents with the world through the screen.When asked what she liked about this new boyfriend, Ariel again borrowed a line of dialogue from ITWY and said there was too much to list and he was just so sincere and down-to-earth.To maintain his privacy, Ariel didn’t divulge his name but revealed he was around her age, a normal guy working a white collar job, and her parents have met him and like him.

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) were reawakened last week from years of slumber waiting for a third go around between leads Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.