Is shia labeouf dating isabel lucas Nude chat men

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Is shia labeouf dating isabel lucas

It’s an idiotic thing to drive drunk and these stars need to grovel to the public afterwards and seem sincere about it.

Don’t be arrogant about driving wasted – that’s how you got in that mess in the first place.

Sources say Lucas was riding shotgun with La Beouf when he made a left turn on a red light and got broadsided in his Ford F150 around Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

Aussie actress Isabel Lucas, his co-star in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” the sequel to last summer’s blockbuster.Grenier was testy when we asked him how Lucas was feeling post-crash, and refused to comment.The two began dating after bonding over environmental issues.The franchise's director Michael Bay recently revealed that the 25-year-old actress was replaced in the latest movie at the orders of executive producer Steven Spielberg, after she compared Bay to Hitler in a magazine interview.Shia La Beouf may have more to worry about than the drunken- driving charge he got after crashing his truck with Australian hottie Isabel Lucas strapped in the passenger seat.

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Shia La Beouf‘s mom, Shayna, leaves Shia‘s house in Los Angeles on Monday. , that, “I’m at the hospital right now, he’s doing fine.” She did not, however, reveal more about his present condition, after undergoing extensive hand surgery after a DUI-incurring car crash.