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Janice dating

Janice Litman Goralnik (née Hosenstein) is a recurring character of Friends.She was Chandler Bing's long-time on-off girlfriend.They are put in an awkward situation at dinner and are soon abandoned by Joey and his date.To Chandler's surprise, he and Janice end up having a good time together and find that they enjoy buying expensive liquid while using Joey's credit card to pay for it.The following morning, Chandler and Janice wake up in bed together and a horrified Chandler breaks up with her, yet again.To his surprise, Janice takes it well saying that she knows that they'll end up back together one day. Heckles, who leaves all of his possessions to Rachel and Monica, Chandler, upon discovering Heckles' diary, is disturbed to learn that when Heckles was Chandler's age, his life virtually mirrored Chandler's life at the present time.

In the closing moments in the season two finale, Janice walks into Central Perk and upon seeing Chandler, exclaims her catch phrase "OH MY GOD!!!Eventually, Chandler learns that Joey has a problem with Janice and tells her about this.Janice talks to Joey about this and hangs out with him for a whole day, making multiple attempts to get him to like her.Chandler continues talking to the woman and learns that she is married and her husband is cheating on her.The woman wants to meet Chandler, and Pheobe, being present at the moment, suggest that he actually should meet her.

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