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“I think 2004 or 2005, in my earlier days it was all just acoustic and electric guitar.

— Let me begin by simply listing a few facts about Lifehouse: • The band's songwriter/singer Jason Wade and bassist Sergio Andrade met in Malibu, California, at Vineyard, a non-denominational church.It was really fun but it’s actually refreshing to return to a sound that we haven’t done in 14, 15 years.It’s like putting on an old pair of shoes I guess.”What is the key song that you feel reflects that the most? There was the first single, Hurricane, and the first song we put out as a kind of teaser track, Flight.And I’ve read a lot interviews with different artists and then all say the same thing; they don’t know where that comes from.You just have to be aware that when you get that itch, something special is about to happen. Then 16, 17 years old that’s when most of the first album started to write itself in my bedroom.“Then I met a producer, Ron Aniello, who produced our first two albums. That’s really the only currency you have to tell you whether the song is alive or not.”If you could give any advice to a songwriter starting out today what would it be? I think a lot of young writers have a fear of what people will think about what they’re writing.

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We’re not going to reinvent the wheel but you definitely need to come up to something that is interesting to you.”So leaving a comfort zone is something you would recommend to other guitar playing songwriters who feel stuck in a rut?

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