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See here for a more detailed explanation of the purpose of korbanot.

This article also gives important perspective on the correlation between sacrifices and idolatry.

The basic message of the sacrifices is that in a sense, we would like to do to ourselves exactly what we are doing to this animal.

We would like to give our entire selves over to God, body and soul.

(This could either be to make up for a past sin or just to get close – the particular meaning of each type of offering is beyond the scope of this response.) We would like to bring ourselves as an offering.

But since God wants us to go on living, we bring an animal in our stead, one which is completely devoted and given over to God, body and soul – precisely the way we should live our lives.

Furthermore, since people conceptualize their self-worth in terms of their activities, doing things "just for the fun of it" may in fact harm their self-esteem.

try to direct all my activities, even rest and relaxation, to the ultimate purpose of my life.

The bringing of offerings reflected a marriage of convenience, with each side looking out for itself and getting what it wanted. Imagining that we bring Him sacrifices because He’s hungry and wants our meat is heresy.

Seemingly mundane activities can become goal directed; we eat and sleep so that we can function, and we function in order to achieve our ultimate goal.

Even relaxation and judicious enjoyable activities, if they contribute to sound health, can be considered goal directed if they enhance our functioning.

The Hebrew language has words that mean rest, play, relaxation, and pleasant activities, while it has no word for "fun." A "fun" activity has no goal, as is implied in the colloquial expression, "just for the fun of it." In other words, the goal of the activity is within itself, and fun does not lead to or result in anything else. Every human being is created with a mission in life.

This mission is the ultimate goal toward which everything must in one way or another be directed.

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To me it seems like such a primitive act, offering meat to God, a throwback to pagan practices.