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Julie delpy dating

And I think that’s why Chris liked the script, because he was like, it’s not about that. Their problems have nothing to do with interracial. LOS ANGELES—“She looked down on me,” Ethan Hawke quipped when he recalled the first time he and Julie Delpy worked together in Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise” in 1995."And I think that’s why Chris liked the script, because he was like, it’s not about that. Their problems have nothing to do with interracial. And then the little elements that show up, those little creatures, and they slowly and insidiously kind of bring up shit into Marion’s life and his life, and suddenly their loss of intimacy, they lose their life basically by having those intruders. I mean, if you were living what they’re living, it’s not like insane. I mean, not that I have pot dealers at home, because I don’t smoke pot, but I have friends that smoke pot all the time, and having someone drop someone off, I’ve seen it happen, it’s not a big deal.But things get, one on top of each other: the ex-boyfriend flirting with the sister of Mingus, everything starts to wear them down, one thing after another, and then it gets to the point where it starts to get ugly.

"I was like, okay, we’re not in 1962, I’m not going to make a mix couple where, that’s the subject matter of the film," she says. This is a movie, it’s a man and a woman, that’s the problem. The city was taking over, almost the city was more present. Here it’s very different, like everything is fine, they’re in New York, they’re in their element, everything should be fine.’ And he called me back two hours later and said ‘Yes, Chris would be remotely interested in working with you, so keep on going, write a good script, and he’ll do it.’ So it was pretty straightforward.THR: A lot of people have been saying, ‘Finally, someone figured out how to use Chris Rock.’ Have you heard that? People were surprised that he actually plays the straight man.She was much more knowledgeable about cinema, and she looked down on me—I think she judged me. I was kind of the adolescent American, and she was the wild European.” Dynamic Laughing, Ethan said, “That dynamic has pretty much stayed.I’m still the adolescent in her eyes.” Onscreen, Ethan’s Jesse and Julie’s Celine have earned a devoted following that guarantees a “minifranchise.” “We’re the lowest grossing trilogy of all time,” Ethan Hawke joked. We can’t compete with ‘Iron Man.’” Film lovers are grateful to have this alternative fare, resulting in a strong first box-office showing for this indie franchise.

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The best compliment for him, and for me as a director, is that you forget it’s Chris Rock.