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Every product we have released was test thoroughly with Microsoft Test. Urdu related software: HISTORY & C _U _L _T _U _R _E URDU : Pakistan's Official Language The language of the road, and the national language of Pakistan, is Urdu, It unites all people and all communities, whatever their mother tongue.

We just have released our Urdu Editor and Urdu Active X Use Apple World Script technology to create multilingual documents. Urdu Pro editor and Multan font We set out to provide an Urdu writing system which (a) would work with win 3.1 (b) was Nastlique style (c) was affordable After a few tries, our chief designer has rejected all the alpha versions of the Urdu Pro editor. In other languages: Urdu Persian THE BEAR TRAP Afghanistan's Untold..

Our Chat Rooms are Mobile Optimized so you can use them on your mobile without installing any plugin.Unlike a lot of hotels in India, there's a downstairs sofa area, which acts as a bit of a place to meet other travellers which is good for if you're travelling solo.The owner, Ruf, was more than happy to take his time giving us his advice whenever we needed it, including directing us to what became out favourite restaurant - Lhasa (definitely worth a visit).There’s a peaceful lawn, free fast wi-fi and lots of informed opinion from the tirelessly helpful Sufi-spiritual manager. We couldn't have been more relaxed at this amazing hotel.Family run, and a family atmosphere that everyone could feel.

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