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Katy perry travis mccoy still dating

And with lines like "You fall asleep during foreplay/ 'Cause the pills you take are more your forte," it's not difficult to figure out which one: Travie Mc Coy, who, while dating Perry, entered a rehab facility in 2008 to deal with an addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.While "Drain" shocked many with its frank lyrics, there were some who thought that the song may have gone too far — that couplets like "Wanna be your lover/ Not your f---ing mother" and "You think you're so rock and roll, but you're really just a joke/ Had the world in the palm of your hands/ But you f---ing choked" crossed the line from being clever and came across as just plain mean.

He is the co-founder and lead singer of the rap rock band Gym Class Heroes, in addition to having a solo career.

Regardless, in the time since the song first appeared, neither Perry nor Mc Coy has directly addressed its none-too-subtle content — until now.

On Thursday, MTV News caught up with Mc Coy at a Hennessy Artistry event in New York, and he was more than willing to talk about "Circle the Drain." And though he said he's never actually heard the song, he does have some rather strong feelings about it.

Perry and Mc Coy had parted ways, and longtime ladies' man Brand, who was back for his second time as host, was single as well when both returned to the VMA stage.

They flirted their way through rehearsals for the show, and rumors that they were an item began soon thereafter.

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