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Almost a year ago Bianca had accidentally broken her hymen during an especially torrid masturbation session and gradually over the past few months had worked up to fully consuming that vibrating black rubber cock in her hungry young pussy. She had seen him half erect one morning a few weeks ago as he made his way to the bathroom.

Bianca had marvelled at the length, thickness and beauty of her father’s uncircumcised olive-pink cock with its huge mushroom- like head poking enticingly out of his foreskin.

Bianca was tempted to tell daddy about it but thought it best not to intervene.

rogol; cerita lucah main bontot ceritadewasa aku disetubuhi ayah. Bianca was a stunning young woman of voluptuous proportions.She had entered puberty early at 12 and now, on the eve of her fifteenth birthday stood 5 foot 7 inches tall with long wavy honey blonde hair, a handsome rather than cute face, full natural lips and an athletic size 12 figure, (not one of those skinny stick insects), but a real woman’s figure that bore testimony to her prowess as a representative hockey player.Her daddy was a very handsome dark haired spunk that her girlfriends tried to flirt with all the time, even though he was 42.He was captain of the surf club and went to the gym several times a week as well as being the managing partner of a successful law firm.

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