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Kuttalu maddlu

autogr.] M 2.50 81 Schiitz, Heinrich Itzt blicken durch des Hirnmels Saal.

1° M 5.— 85 Taubert, Karl Heinz Drei Eichendorr T-Lieder.

Nenu cheppedhi Satakarni collections anni false ani. Original chepithe nuvvu suicide chesukoni chasthavu ra...andhuke dammu unte correct numbers cheppandi annanu....

Bayata Nundi Chuse Mee Pichi Pooku Fans ki emi telusu ra...meeru pakka hero fans ni tittadamu vallu mimmalani tittdamu. Mindless Balayya Fans, Mind Your tongue before you post any ugly comments. @104 - Nijalu cheppe reports ne nenu support chesthaanu ilanti false reports ki kadhu. But if they add the satellite rights, Hindi dubbing rights, digital sales, and other money, the revenue would be huge.

Bye guys be happy don't use bad language and argue with others. @105 arey pappa monna gullo poojari ani kathalu dengav ippudemo hero ready ayyadu vani modda gudavalantunav. Adi fake original maku telusu.nuvvu megay kukkala tho kalisi dramalu dengaku. - Khaidi No 150 has collected roughly about Rs 100 Cr.

Balayya ki life lo 50 Cr WW Share Raaledhu..eppataki raadhu...

Go and touch our Jr NTR feet then we will help you score 50 Cr movie...... In reality , this movie is not even collected half of the shares mentioned here 22. Bariteginchaaru ra meeru....siggu lajja ledhu ra mee Balayya Team ki? Official and original collections of GPSK is 77crs ww share and for khaidi 150 is 75crs gross by Ram charan and share is 45crs ww share.. Grapevine has it that the Chiru team wants to declare anywhere between Rs 150 to Rs 180 Cr. GPSK Collections andaraki telusu...dammu unte 77 lo share entha ?

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Inka 30 years la untaadu....veeri madhya age gap 5 years kaani Balayya Chiru kanna pedhavadi la untaadu...musali thatha laga...

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