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Though it has strained from the novel quite a bit, the source material’s social commentary transcends into the film with a copious surge that anyone could fathom.

The story itself does not only focus on the relationship of friends but the clash of family and the anguish of lost loved ones.

The Outsiders is a film that’s much more restrained in its dark subject matters then most movies you’d see on this list.

The Outsiders is an entertaining film from legendary director Francis Ford Coppola but with a bleak message of social class and seeing the world in only black and white, The Outsiders provides an age old fable.

Regardless, Kids is indeed a very important film sure to widen eyes of adults and teens alike, with its abysmal, terrifying methods of storytelling.

The Outsiders is about a group of social outcasts (hence the title) and their journey through conflict and friendship.

The film is centered on a coterie of friends who discover one of their own had been murdered and to an even more comprehensive revelation by a member of their own clique.

Elephant is a disquieting tale showcasing the live of socially prominent teen students to ethically reticent or even estranged loners.

On the other hand, his other friends are bewildered when attempting to decide on whether to report him.

River’s Edge is a very flustered story that deals with very different (yet interesting) characters who have to deal with their own issues while trying to piece the puzzles to a larger problem.

After one of their best friends have died, they don’t feel dismay or sorrow for her loss but rather confound ambivalence.

The young boy who murdered the girl has his friend go out of his way to try to keep him from being caught but at his own risk.

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