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I have said it before that one of the best reasons to go to KL is to sample the (literal) smorgasbord of cuisines on hand in Malaysia, representing the best of Asia and even more far-flung places beyond.

After all that eating you might need to work it off, and there is no better way to work off calories, than spend all night in a sweaty nightclub.

Now they seem to ignore the customer with slow service and serious faces. They dance well on bartops but still respect the customer needs." It should be noted that this is the kind of place where customers can "buy" a girl to take home, if that is your thing (and it's not mine.) Whoever said that Kuala Lumpur was staid and no Sin City compared to Bangkok. User from Texas remarked: "Stay away from any local girl with a boyfriend there -if you value your life.

The working girls are very friendly (the majority are Filipino -ages 20 to 24), the band is usually good, it's an outdoor type environment and it is certainly a good time.

Highly recommended." Fellow Middle Eastern party lover Sulail from Lebanon had this to report: "all I can say is that I had the time of my life in there...

Not comparable to Brazil or Argentina but still not bad.

Most guys go there for one reason." So KL is still not up there with Brazil or Argentina on the sheer debauchery and decadence levels, but still fairly corrupt. As dsmuton said: "Move to"Emporium live" for those who like Live Music.

Now, we all know that Bangkok is the city of the sin in the Orient, and that Reykjavik is the most happening city in Europe -- but did you know that Kuala Lumpur is a pretty wild city as well?

It seems to me unfair that Malaysia as a whole has a reputation for being a dour, conservative country.

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Inside the cool interior, a jukebox was playing the full gamut of Late Capitalist Pop -- Kylie Minogue included.