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It will be great touching base with my old and new Betty and Idol fans." As mentioned in a recent People Magazine feature, Constantine Maroulis, 30, has been anything but “idle” since his shocking departure from season four of American Idol in April 2005.A crowd favorite of America’s most watched show, he went on to perform in the subsequently successful American Idol Tour last summer.

Maroulis’ reps tell TMZ that the Tony-nominated Broadway actor was acting in self-defense.Pray for the Soul of Betty was brought to the attention of millions of Americans when the band was featured on the fourth-season debut episode of American Idol as lead vocalist Constantine Maroulis ‘broke the news’ of his successful audition. PFTSOB’s sound, which is low on conformity and high on originality, has been heard in venues across the nation from the Viper Room in LA to CBGB’s in New York. The episode reached 33 million viewers, making it the most-watched show of the 2004-2005 television season, and the door was opened. Formed in 2002, Pray for the Soul of Betty is composed of four seasoned musicians with varied backgrounds; Constantine Maroulis (vocals), Taylor C. Helen Maroulis hatched her partial obsession with Saori Yoshida two years ago. She translated her interviews from Japanese to English to learn how she thought.She smoothed her weaknesses to match Yoshida’s strengths.

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Maroulis wanted to win an Olympic title, and that meant she needed to beat Yoshida, winner of three gold medals and 13 world championships, idol of a nation, the best female wrestler ever.

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