Mary murphy dmitry chaplin dating

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Mary murphy dmitry chaplin dating

She completely owned Fik-Shun in the sweet Travis Wall routine early on too, and I think that about clinches it.Jasmine is justan unforgettable and gorgeous dancer with enough talent to keep you wowed and enough edge to keep you intrigued.

In his tango with Amy, Fik-Shun was still flashing those IMAX-sized eyes at us as he bobbled his partner in mid-air.Joining resident judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judges’ panel this week was celebrity guest judge Anna Kendrick.After Cat Deeley introduced the judges, she announced the bottom six dancers: Nico Greetham, Alexis Juliano, Mackenzie Dustman, Jasmine Harper, Alan Bersten, and Curtis.If I were the voting kind, I’d be blowing kisses in the wind (via my i Phone) to Jasmine.Here’s hoping the voting public is living for her legginess too.

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If I’d muted his solo number, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed all the tappity-tap greatness he gave us, but unfortunately I didn’t, and so all I remember are the overly earnest, despairingly sexless lyrics from Jason Mraz’s “You and I Both.” Remember: If you put your ear up to a stupid hat, you can hear a Jason Mraz song. I did notice he is STUNNING, in case you wanted a journalist insight there.

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