Matorin dating

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After the release of the live album, the music was rearranged and altered once again.

While the album resembles the current live music closely, it is not identical.

The plan, however, was scrapped by the casino executives, who thought the project would be too financially risky.

Mystère was very different from the typical material they were used to in a Las Vegas show.

was still very influenced by Folies Bergère, with the scarves, feather boas, etc.One such costume is the Firebird, which has red feathers and accents that give the impression of embers flying through the air.The odd-looking Spermatos and Spermatites are dressed in elongated costumes which bulge in the center and have a tendril-like feature on the head.The revolving stage rotates up to 10 revolutions per minute.Props, equipment, and performers are elevated to stage level from the basement or trap by four moving lifts.

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