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How many times did we hear Beck say those words to her - exactly no times. The other thing that lacks with Beck is the chemistry that exists between Eleanor and Jasper. I think it was kind of a lazy, extreme choice for the show to make the move with Jasper and the queen, but Eleanor and Jasper are bigger than that. After all the promos, I was hesistant about what S2 would bring, but already we're seeing Jasper and Eleanor underlying it all and being set up as the series' OTP. It's obvious he hurt Eleanor when he married someone else. You don't chemistry like that very often and it's fun to watch. My hope is that her second chance with Beck - much as I don't want to watch it - will help Eleanor see he was a boy in her past. She can’t get a clear reading on Jasper, and that’s why he’s the one who lasts where others haven’t even interested her. Eleanor is the most complex character on the show and also the one given the most nuance and development in the first season.While she’s figuring out her feelings, she realizes they go a lot deeper than good sex. There is the unfortunate circumstance of the incident between Jasper and the stone-cold queen, who used him because she hates her daughter that much and he was backed into a corner. But a few things can help them come back from this choice of conflict: 1) Eleanor finds out relatively quickly, so there’s no added secrets or lies, 2) It’s early in the relationship, before there was ever a commitment or even an acknowledgment that they were going somewhere, and 3) Jasper, shrouded in mystery, was still a stranger at the time. The other great thing about where they are now is not only are they in that blissful state of angst, not only is Jasper, man of few words, opening up to Eleanor in his own way and actually being very upfront about the way he feels for her (“And it was a relationship.”), there’s been a definite elevation of their relationship in its place on the show. We see it in the softer moments, we see it when they’re working together, we see it when he calms her with just a few words, and the powerful chemistry bleeds through every line, every look, every touch.If there are, we'll make the subsequent call to see what promotions will be applied if the customer makes a purchase.*/ var check For Promos And Render = function(should Show Popover) ; /* render Promo Details This is a function for checking which promotions will be applied to a purchase and render those details in the popover.

So their earliest days include lots and lots of sex - rumpled bedding, half-clothed, and enough veiled references to know they’re totally compatible there - with Jasper holding the reins and for once in her life Eleanor being out-played. She doesn’t really know his past, and he doesn’t give much away. He protects her in public, both from others and herself, and in return she turns to him in private of her own volition.I watched this show every week and I just can't get over the "incident" with the queen. They brought that other guy for one episode and I thought he would have a bigger impact. I love Eleanor and Jasper, and his whole stern and silent thing.If you follow them on social media, you see they totally adore each other in real life, which makes the whole thing even more awesome, lol.I've ALWAYS had a thing for bodyguards, so I finally said what the hell and started a new series called Ironclad Bodyguards. Not trying to be spammy but seriously, if you want to read a bodyguard romance, hit me up!: D Maybe bodyguards will become the new vampires or billionaires.

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