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What’s the difference between a creep and a regular person? Complete nudity, Jones points out, prevents a person from emphasizing any one part.

For a first-time nudist, Blum estimates that it takes “about 30 seconds of sheer, utter panic” before acclimation begins. How do nude flirters maintain an air of confidence, or a sense of mystery? There are kids who have never seen their parents nude.” (He says this in a tone of dismay.) “Those kind of sterile environments create a different approach: If you’re in bed and you’re naked, that means you want to have sex.

38-year-old Blum and 26-year-old Jones met at Rock Lodge, the family-oriented nudist co-op in New Jersey that both of their families frequented.

Soon thereafter, they founded , an organization for twenty- and thirtysomething nudists that, Felicity says, is New York’s greatest untapped resource for sweet, sensitive, respectful men.

“When people stop you in the street to talk, they glance you up and down.

They’re trying to size you up, see where you come from and what you do.” In naked society, little information can be gleaned from the body — other than the facts of a body, in all its unique, idiosyncratic, special-snowflake banality. There’s more to it than ‘She takes her shirt off and I see her boobs.’” I get the feeling that Felicity hangs out with a different set of men than I do — maybe naturists really “It does change the dynamic in a relationship,” Jordan Blum concedes.

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For nudists, though, the big reveal is not the body but its actions.