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There isn't really much going on in other areas since they are regular neighborhoods with homes. The only thing that's expensive are electronic appliances like TV's. Suriname is more culturally diverse than any other South American country, or about the same as Brazil.You will find Chinese, Indian, Indonesian (Javanese), Black, white and mixed girls.A lot of the girls are Mixed race and are mixed with all races you can find on the planet.That is why there is (almost) no racism going on in Suriname.Caribbean Airlines from Trinidad, KLM from Europe (Netherlands) and Surinam Airways from the Netherlands, Belem do Para, French Guyana, Trinidad and other Caribbean countries.

In my experience, the best way to deal with this so called Club Zsa Zsa Zsu: Friday-Saturday from 11 till . Club Starzz: Wednesday: to Friday: Until everyone leaves. Some guys have Cash $ and most of the times it works.Women aren't as emancipated like in the US or Europe.It is perfectly 'fine' to order a woman to do something because many of them are poor and do anything to have a westerner. Now, there are upper class girls who drive daddies car and spend money like water.Then you have the guys who try to sweet talk the girl, black guys do the same.And Surinamese women know all this so that is why being a westerner/foreigner gives you an advantage. citizens that go there I see this place as a potential goldmine. , how much money did you spent and did you get laid ? I didn't get a question from Badstuber on my last post.

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Surinamese women will love your style because they are so used to seeing badly clothes guys calling women names. citizens that go there I see this place as a potential goldmine. Loose Dutch girls and getting away w/ English are two major pluses. I checked out the link you provided and there are some hotties in the mix, but a presence of fugly ones also. It's because being white (blond hair/blue eyed) can make you an easy target for robberies and the positive side for picking up girls . If you consider Jenny Craig to be fat, then you'll find that women will be fat. Badstuber, my compliments to you for going to a less popular destination and providing a great report. Poverty, If you are used to South American countries you won't find it to be extreme. After spending 8 days in Paramaribo i think i have to make a few adjustments to his data sheet.