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Mennonites and dating

I was surprised at how quickly insecurity about my religious identity reared up. I could identify myself by mentioning homemade noodles, mashed potatoes and lots of meat.

Am I really Mennonite enough for a Mennonite dating service? A seemingly benign query, it’s the first test to determine if I am truly a Mennonite. What about the Jello with marshmallows common at church potlucks? gives the full text of this early statement of Anabaptism. I’m trying to think of a church historian I can call.

If you were not raised Mennonite, what caused you to consider that tradition and eventually subscribe to it? Yes, I was raised “Mennonite.” Actually, I’m part of an offshoot group called the Mennonite Brethren. My Great Grandpa Penner boarded a ship in the dark of night to find a new home that would be hospitable to their way of life. So, yes, I was raised Mennonite, but here’s where things get interesting… Two distinctive convictions that shaped the Anabaptist (broad Mennonite tradition from the radical reformationperiod) way include: 1) nonviolence and 2) suspicion of earthly governments (nationalism).

By the time I was being reared in the church, only a slim minority actually held to these views.

The interview series has been such a success, I’m planning to extend it through the fall!

Thanks so much for bringing these interviews to life with your thoughtful and respectful questions.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really learned a lot.

In the past, both rules of primogeniture and partibility are found. In rural areas, it is often the case that property passes to persons who have taken care of the owners in their later years. Generally, children were and continue to be raised according to strict codes of conduct.I can’t wait to ask my next date for his interpretation of the Schleitheim Confession.When you've settled in a bit, feel free to get relationship tips by reading our articles on Amish dating advice. Historically, Mennonites were forbidden to marry non-Mennonites and, in some cases, members of other Mennonite groups.Presently, only the more conservative ones proscribe marriage outside the group.

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