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It's especially hard on men who are socialized to get such a large part of their sense of self from their careers." But, just because the career of a military spouse takes precedence at one point, that doesn't mean it always will."Marriage is about sacrifice, about one person's job taking precedence right now, with the understanding that the other spouse’s needs will take precedence in the future," Di Silverio said.Now, Di Silverio writes mystery novels and parents her kids full time. Even though she expects to earn her master's degree this year, employers seem to be more interested in speaking about job opportunities to her husband, who retired from the Navy in 2010.

We had even agreed that I should be the primary breadwinner [now that he's retired] because I have the academic background.” 5."My wife did not want to go through the process of releasing those duties only to be thrust back into them again at a moment’s notice. Married service members can't share details of their work with their spouses, which can be frustrating to both partners.This strain of that coming and going is amplified in a military family." 8. When most spouses come home, they swap stories about their days.Phyfe said that because the stakes of service are so high, military marriages require a certain degree of strength, which he said can ultimately help keep military couples together."[We] deal with life and death daily so the fear that has to be overcome is something that creates a friendship and love like no other," he said. Homecomings might be happy, but they aren’t easy on either spouse.

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Her husband's schedule is set only a month in advance and it's very hard for him to change it.